NOTE: When Downloading music you agree to the below agreements.

for exclusive custom music or sounds please USE THE contact PAGE.

                                                                           free music use agreement: 

- Music is copyright free and will not be content ID'd.    No DMCA

- for video games please contact

-you may use this music during live streaming, please credit if possible
-you may use in Youtube productions, credit with a link to my youtube channel or a link to this site.
-You may NOT edit or manipulate this track in any way. Contact author to request edits 
-All tracks are downloaded as WAV. file

-to use music Credit:     music by mxxn:           

  or:     MXXNX.COM 

-Not for beats, please contact if you want to purchase a beat license

You understand that MXXN owns and retains all right, title, and interest in the Music or Sound Files. You may not sublicense, sub-distribute, or resell the Files.

Music is copyright free and will not be content ID'd.

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